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Bulk SMS Service

SMS is the short form of “Short Messaging Service”. This is a service which delivers text messages to mobile handsets. SMS is a general term which refers sending and receiving text messages via mobile phones.

India has more than 500 Million Mobile subscribers and they are growing at the rate of 10 million new subscribers per month. Billions of SMS messages are delivered between individual consumers each month but the use of SMS as a part of business and marketing strategies is (relatively) low.

Standard communications mediums available today for marketing and advertising are usually rated on three factors: Reach, Cost Effectiveness and Simplicity. Popular mediums like Television, Radio, Internet, Telephone etc. has their own benefits and limitations when measured with these parameters. SMS (text messaging) is emerged in this area and been proven as a simple, cost effective and most reachable medium.

More and more organizations are realizing the benefits of SMS, and using it as a new medium for their marketing communications strategies. The reason for this increase of SMS in business usage is very obvious. SMS is extremely cost-effective and can bring high-response-rates, which can help you to acquire and retain consumers, sell and promote products, deliver loyalty, and reinforce branding efforts.

Bulk SMS:

Considering the potential of using the SMS for reaching a larger audience, it is a limitation to send SMS using mobile device. Sending SMS trough a cell phone or any mobile device is very time consuming, inconvenient and ineffective. This has arose the need of an effective solution to send SMS in bulk.

Voice SMS

Write an SMS through your voice.

You do not need to type a text to send an SMS, with this application everything was easier.

Speak your message, say the contact name and send! Ready! Very easy! Faster and more convenient!

You must have installed the “Google Voice Search”.

Limitation of LITE version:
Send SMS to a contact, send SMS to multiple contacts get the PRO version.

Mobile Recharge

The telecom industry in India is growing at breakneck speed, and the majority of the growth is contributed by the wireless or mobile segment.

As per the TRAI latest release India is having 91 Cr Telecom Subscribers out of 88 Cr are Mobile Subscribers. What is even more interesting is that a majority of the wireless connections, almost 95% of them are prepaid.

Given an ARPU of around Rs 300, we can assume that an average recharge is Rs 300 per month, or Rs 3600 per year. Based on these numbers, the recharge industry size works out to be approximately Rs. 3 Lakh Cr per year.

DTH Recharge

Recharging facility for Satellite TV or DTH: Our one-stop DTH recharge module is a unique USP for our partner retailers, and provides a convenient way to customers to get the DTH recharge done for any operator such as D2H, Reliance, Dish TV, Airtel, Tata sky etc.